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Discovering & obeying God's plans for society is the solution for a hope-filled future.

Let's discover it together ...


  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Church
  • Business & 
  • Civil Government




The School of Business Leadership is a two-year course (GoBusiness100 & GoBusiness200) that involves an online curriculum and mentoring component.


It operates through online training supported by Facilitators and real time group interaction.


Students work through the curriculum online according to the annual schedule.


Students participating in the course are required to work with a facilitator with whom they will meet on a regular basis either in person or remotely with their small group.


Facilitators are trained and screened by Family Life Institute and are assigned at the beginning of the course.

Young People at a Workshop

Want to start a School ofBusiness Leadership ?

Leading people and Building Organizations God's Way.

If you are interested in starting a School of Business Leadership, we can help.


With modern-day technology it is now possible to join hands across the nations and congregations and train business people in congregations in the essential skill of managing people and organizations in a Biblical manner.


For more information please contact us. 

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